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Organic Chemistry Links ( Name reactions and graphical list - very useful and for all synthetic organic chemists)  - (Links for researchers in Organic synthesis; superb site) (Organic chemistry sources worldwide) (The literature of organic synthesis; excellent site which lists important reviews (downloadable!), mongraphs and famous textbooks) (Virtual text book of organic chemistry) (Links for chemists - Excellent chemistry section ) (Excellent web page for chemistry from Liverpool University) (on-line book by Francis A. Carey) (This web page is a short collection of several web sites which cover organic synthesis, name reactions, organometallics etc., A nice way to begin)    (The Online Biology and Chemistry Education Center-- Includes lots of guides, tools, and links. A top-class web page) (useful concepts in Org. Chem.) (Organometallic reagents in synthesis; excellent site about organometalics) (Organic Chemistry Info Center having very useful links) (Virtual library - Organic chemistry resources) (Another organic chemistry resource page (Bunsen)) (Chemistry & Biology Info Center provides good overview)  (Web page about "various reagents") (Web page on "Protection chemistry") (Nice Introduction on "Drug Discovery") (Very useful chemfiles from "Aldrich"-Excellent collection) (TCI, Japan - Chemicals Info. Web page) (Good introduction on "Combinatorial chemistry") (Introduction to drug discovery; informative) (CAS-Chemical Abstract Service- Science spotlight; It lists most sited, most intriguing and most requested articles) (It is a web page, called "Scientific update" which provide us excellent short reviews about reactions, reagents and process development) (Drug Discovery Tutorial) (CAS Science spotlight - Highlighting most requested, intriguing and cited articles from ACS journals) (C&EN News - A newsmagazine of chemical world) (One of the exceelent web pages on "Organic synthesis and Mechanism") (very good web page on "Solid state organic synthesis") (very good web page on protecting groups involved in Carbohydrates and Aminoacids and other info.) (Excellent web page of chemistry as a whole. It includes all info. Ranging from tutorials, journals, societies, universities etc.) (A virtual text book of organic chemistry - a very  good source book) (History of chemistry It explains in detail about founders of chemistry) (Excellent site - Classic papers of chemistry and physics too, from 1600 to 1950, all in English (of course, translated). You will have a feeling as if you are reading original papers of these great scientists) (History of major pharmateuticals industry-worth reading)